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Developing yourself to become the leader you have the potential to be will change everything for you. It will add to your effectiveness, subtract from your weaknesses, divide your workload, and multiply your impact.

John C. Maxwell

I am Sylvia Mattens. There was a time in my life, I was the champion in running around and working hard to keep all the plates spinning!

For 13 years, I have worked a as a psychologist in victim support and trauma prevention at one of the largest police corps in our country. In m y role as a coordinator of the collegial care team in the police corps, I discovered my passion for training and coaching to bring out the potential in people. After a reorganization, I had to make the transition to a leadership position in HR management.

The police is an organization that keeps changing and organizational change in law-enforcement comes with very specific challenges. During the years I was part of this change process, I became fascinated by the dynamics that exist between the vision, mission and values of an organization, the prevailing corporate culture and the impact that leadership has on all of it.

Lead with Benefits grew out of a dream to develop and empower leaders in order to align business vision and company culture and the burning desire to create freedom as a entrepreneur.

My mission is creating a mindset and leader shift, because "Leadership is a lifestyle, not a job!"

Lead with Benefits stands for a unique and innovative approach.

  • As psychologist, I like the co-creation between evidence-based knowledge from behavioral sciences and the translation of these into practical and simple tools, tips & tricks that you can apply in your daily life and on the job.
  • To determine our starting point, I facilitate a personalized leadership & team assessment, customized to the needs and challenges of your team. And this in just half a day! An innovative tool that replaces boring and time-consuming surveys, while being an interactive and fun teambuilding that creates trust and open communication.
  • Although a training or coaching session can add great value to your organization, its impact disappears within a few days when the insights, knowledge and skills are not integrated into the daily routine and are not supported by a culture that supports development, growth and promotes change. In order to be truly successful and to achieve culture change, we work with a process in which we make leadership development a lifestyle.
  • I believe in the power of experiential learning and I am passionate about outdoor & adventure education.

My motto is “People learn best when they are having fun.”

In addition to getting the best out of your leaders as a leadership development strategist, it’s also my passion to inspire people during public speaking and keynote sessions.

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